Latest News Annual Impact Report: Community Empowerment in Action
Annual Impact Report
November 16, 2023
Annual Impact Report: Community Empowerment in Action

We are excited to announce that, after three years, One Degree’s Annual Impact Report is back! 

One Degree Digital Infrastructure Empowering Communities Across the Country

In our 2022-2023 report, you can read more about how we’ve co-created truly transformative digital infrastructure, including our closed-loop referral system, document locker, and advanced social needs screening tool, with our partners from California to New York, New Mexico, Colorado, and Michigan. Over the last year, we’ve helped people unlock over $80 million in social services and healthcare benefits through our various programs. The report also includes stories from a few of the amazing partners and community members who shape our work.

The Future Is Open

We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished, and there is still more work to be done. With One Degree’s technology as the foundation, our next step is to build open community care networks—digitally connected networks of providers and community members that provide public access to comprehensive support for low-income communities. By opening up the power of One Degree, we want to enable even more communities with the infrastructure to support people on their journey towards healthy and fulfilling lives.

Thank you to all of our funders and partners for fueling the transformative impact we’ve achieved together. Your unwavering support continues to propel us toward equity and lasting change.

Read our 2022-2023 Annual Impact Report