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Bringing communities together to change lives

The future of the social 
safety net(work)

One Degree pioneers open-access digital infrastructure, uniting healthcare systems, government agencies, and community-based organizations (CBOs) in a collective mission to serve the public good.

Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools that enables community referrals across the social services ecosystem, making sure no community or entity, regardless of size or budget, is left behind.

With One Degree’s technology, our clients are closing the gaps in the social safety net, creating the robust networks of care that can help 
low-income communities thrive.

One Degree champions the principle of inclusive digital infrastructure. Since 2012, we’ve led the way in creating transparent, collaborative ecosystems that not only meet local needs, but also make data and outcomes publicly accessible to spur ongoing community investment and innovation.

Public good and innovation

Driven by our commitment to the public good, we design advanced solutions to service every stakeholder in social care—from community members searching for resources to government agencies seeking city-wide referral systems. As the nation’s premiere public interest alternative to commercial providers, we build cost effective solutions and reinvest our profits in R&D. This model enables us to make innovation and public service our bottom line.

The ONLY public interest technology alternative to commercial providers

From screening to follow-through

Our suite of solutions ensures comprehensive care for low-income communities through the essential stages of coordinated care: screening, connecting, referring, tracking, and reporting.

We start by screening for Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and other critical factors, then connect individuals with tailored local resources. Our referral tools enhance care coordination, while our tracking system employs closed-loop functionality for complete follow-through. Each step is fully HIPAA compliant and customizable to meet specific client needs, ensuring a seamless and effective service delivery system.

Empowering partners

Our solutions are built on the foundation of our community resource platform, 1degree.org, which provides access to more than 30,000 public services and benefits. This platform allows our technology to serve the public with free access to our platform’s community-focused tools, as well as our enterprise clients—CBOs, healthcare agencies, and the public sector—with our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and white-label systems.

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Public Access


Community-Based Organizations (CBOs)




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Regional growth, national transformation

One Degree is at the forefront of accelerating the digital transformation of America’s Social Safety Net. Our regional strategy is focused on creating open networks of care that foster integration at the local, county, state, and federal levels, rooted not only in major metropolitan areas but also in regions where our technology can bridge rural-urban resource gaps and service divides.

We’re actively seeking collaborative partners to replicate our network-of-care model” in various regions. Our philosophy underscores the necessity of a national vision for addressing SDoH, paired with local development tailored to regional needs and unique populations.

Concentrating our initial efforts in urban areas such as Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and New York City, and in rural-urban counties of states like New Mexico, we are on a mission to reshape the social care landscape one step at a time.

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One Degree offers plans and services ranging from free personal and provider accounts to enterprise solutions for government agencies.

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