Learning hub

For Community Members

Welcome to the One Degree Learning Hub for Community Members!

If you are an individual searching and in need of resources for yourself or your loved ones, you are a Community Member.

Use this Learning Hub to better understand how to use One Degree to search for, and access, thousands of local resources such as food banks, health clinics, legal services and more on One Degree!

Training Videos

One Degree Platform

Learn how to use the free One Degree tools by watching these quick videos – they’ll help you feel confident in your search for resources!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Find answers to your One Degree questions in our extensive FAQs knowledge base – from how to use One Degree as a Community Member, save resources onto your My Plan, mobile apps and more! Also available in Spanish.


We are so excited to provide informational webinars for all of our community members about One Degree services – also available in Spanish!

Frequently Asked Questions

Create the online version of your team’s resource binder.

Community Impact Stories

Everything we do is in service of people first. We hear from One Degree members every day who are proud to share how they’ve used the resources on the platform to improve their lives. Their stories contain challenges and setbacks as well as resilience and change.

Words from our community

“One Degree provided invaluable resources I was not able to find elsewhere and convenient all in one place.”

Nicole, Community Member

“One Degree gave me information on housing options in my area, safe places to get food during the holidays, updates on food banks and their resource info, free tax filing resources, etc. All of these have been helpful to me!”

Debi, Community Member

“One Degree is an organization that supports in a humane way. From my heart, I thank you infinitely for the help you are giving me.”

Carlos, Community Member

Need support finding services?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for guided instructions with screenshots.

Or reach out to us directly in one of the following ways:


Text a keyword like “housing” to (844) 833-1334

Text Our Team

Text our team at (800) 484-0126 and we will respond in 1-3 business days