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December 3, 2022
Some upcoming changes at Alluma

Greetings community,

I wanted to share some updates about changes that we’re making here at Alluma.

To get a better understanding of how our organization is making an impact, our team conducted assessments that have led to some hard, but necessary, decisions about the development and viability of our enrollment and eligibility solutions. While plans had long been in place to sunset our legacy product, One-e-App (OeA), we’ve decided to also halt further development of One-x-Connection (OxC), and restructure and reduce our workforce accordingly. 

We absolutely still see opportunities to innovate in the public benefits space so it better serves low-income individuals and families, and we’re excited to pursue them with a different strategy in the future. While we are sunsetting our current eligibility and enrollment solutions, we’ve decided to focus on where we can have the greatest impact for the communities we serve. One Degree, our public-facing community resource and referral platform, remains the trusted and equity-centered solution for communities to address social determinants of health. Since 2012, One Degree has provided access to life-changing resources for individuals and families to achieve social and economic mobility. We continue to support our community to enroll in benefit programs through our Common App tool, and we are exploring innovation in benefits access by building on the One Degree platform. 

Unfortunately this means that we will no longer be offering OxC and OeA to new clients and will wind these programs down in partnership with our current clients to ensure they can continue serving their communities effectively. We are already working closely with impacted clients to ensure a smooth transition for the individuals and families our solutions serve. 

These last few weeks have been heavy-hearted as we’ve said goodbye to friends and colleagues leaving our team. As we move forward, I’m even more committed to being transparent about our challenges and successes, so please expect to hear from the Alluma team and me very soon. Despite the difficult decisions we’ve made in the last six weeks, I’m looking forward to Alluma’s new direction as it will enable us to drive systemic change, create a more equity-centered social opportunity system, and ultimately make more impact on low-income individuals and families.

Rey Faustino

Interim CEO

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