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Member Story

When we asked Estella what she does for work, she proudly explained that she works for a prosthetic company and gets to interact with patients who have lost limbs or had a mastectomy. “It’s really rewarding to see patients feel better,” she said. However, when Estella isn’t at work, she does what she calls her second job – taking care of her father. He has had multiple health issues in the last few years, and Estella has had a hard time securing housing for him.

“I was looking for something more reliable and safer. Then I found One Degree.”

Before finding One Degree, Estella was getting frustrated by the out-of-date and inaccurate information that she was finding in her internet searches. Phone numbers and email addresses for social service organizations were either out of order or no one responded to her, and she was starting to get desperate. However, after discovering One Degree through Google, Estella was immediately thrilled to see that listings on One Degree are constantly being verified and updated. “I was finding a lot of people lying and I was looking for something more reliable and safer. Then I found One Degree,” she said.

By using One Degree, Estella was able to get in contact with Bridge Housing and place her father on a housing waitlist for seniors. Knowing her father will have a safe roof over his head, Estella will be able to regain some of her independence and give her fullest to the job she loves. She’s now been using One Degree for about 6 months, and she is relieved that she now has a place to find safe, reliable information and resources to help her father.

Since our last check-in, Estella’s admired how One Degree remains easy to use. Recently, she was able to sign up for the San Leandro Rent Relief Program and obtained assistance with move-in costs from ECHO.