Member Story Freeway
Member Story

2017 was a year that presented Freeway with several painful hardships. She was involved in a major car accident and shortly after, lost her housing, job, and custody of her children. Freeway emphasized that one of the most difficult challenges was not being able to see her girls.

One day, at a pop-up event in Oakland, a One Degree representative shared the One Degree mobile application with Freeway. Soon, Freeway was quickly able to take advantage of One Degree’s diverse options of Opportunities for various needs. She was able to be connected to a Syringe Exchange program, access free food from Punks with Lunch, and receive essential medical attention at the Trust Clinic.

She thinks that One Degree has been a great help to her life, and would recommend others to get the help that she did on One Degree. Freeway has become an expert on the One Degree platform, leaving notes and reviews to help other Community Members navigate resources.

“We were faced with bleak, dismal circumstances and we couldn’t see things working out well for us. With little more than the clothes on our backs and faith in our hearts, we headed west.”