Member Story

Jake is 41 years old, identifies as transgender, is disabled, and loves to spend time with his dog. Before finding One Degree he was struggling to find the disability benefits he needed. He spent a lot of time scrolling through Google to find resources, but he wasn’t getting the results he wanted.

“It really changed my life.”

When Jake found One Degree he hoped that it would be a good resource for finding disability benefits. What he discovered was that the resources on One Degree helped him find multiple types of benefits – the disability benefits he needed as well as housing, wellness services, and pet assistance. Jake was also able to make sure that the resources and organizations that he found were queer-friendly, which was extremely important to him. He was also thrilled that he could use One Degree on his phone. “The fact that there is a mobile app is amazing.”

Since using One Degree to help get the resources he needs, Jake can spend more time outside with his furry friend and go to the skatepark. He hopes that more people start using One Degree, and he has spread the word by telling his friends to download the app. Jake is proud to say that he is no longer homeless, and he is thankful that One Degree helped him get to this point. “It really changed my life.”