Member Story Jonathan
Member Story

When Jonathan isn’t making his own digital art he’s busy running a gallery in Los Angeles that advocates for affordable housing in the Arts District. But when he first contacted One Degree, Jonathan was looking for housing assistance of his own. Jonathan and his girlfriend were having trouble making ends meet, and they weren’t sure how to get help paying their rent.

When Jonathan discovered One Degree he was able to speak in real time with a member of our team who gave him the tools to find what he was looking for. Through One Degree Jonathan was able to find veteran benefits that gave him the financial assistance he needed, and he was able to keep his apartment.

A member of our team followed up with Jonathan to see how his search had been going, and he explained, “the search you started me on led me to a list of benefits for vets and I discovered that because I served in wartime, I am eligible for a pension.” While One Degree helped him along the path, Jonathan took the next steps on his own to claim the benefit he never knew he had been eligible for.