Member Story Seisha
Member Story

Seisha is a young mom of two beautiful girls living in East Palo Alto in Silicon Valley. When Seisha and her family faced a major rent increase that threatened their housing situation, Seisha looked to One Degree for helpful resources. “I was able to go to the site, look up ‘rent increase rights’ and be led to the right resources to find out what my rights as a tenant are.”

With two active girls and attending school herself, Seisha doesn’t have a lot of time to navigate the web to look for all the things she needs for her family. With the sky-high cost of living in the Bay Area, Seisha found resources on One Degree that helped her stay in her home and make ends meet without a major time investment.

“It’s nice to go to the [One Degree] site and have options for good nutrition, health, and hospital resources. It’s a one stop shop that makes it easy for families and parents.” Seisha says she likes that there are all kinds of resources on One Degree, including many that aren’t necessarily well known. She’s even used One Degree to help another family she knows find food resources. “It was nice to be able to do some of the research for them and then present options to them as well.”

Audio has been condensed for brevity.