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Tiffany is a full-time student and working mother of two boys. As a former foster youth, she has taken part in programs like Guardian Scholars, which helps former foster youth excel academically with guidance and resources. Foster youth experience a greater risk of dropping out of school than non-foster youth, and even those who graduate high school are unlikely to go to college. Programs like Guardian Scholars are working to address this inequality and give foster youth the tools they need to succeed in school and beyond.

When Tiffany discovered One Degree, she was looking for affordable housing, food, and resources for her kids. “One Degree was very informational by giving numerous resources that helped. Just a few weeks ago I was interested in looking for a baseball team or sports camp for my oldest son. One Degree gave great results that were very useful,” she said.

Tiffany appreciates how easy it is to use the site and wants to make sure other people know about it. “This site is very resourceful and easy to navigate through. I will be telling more people about it!”