What we do

Our Platform

High-quality, community
resource data

Over 31,800 nonprofit and government services are searchable and regularly updated.

Easy-to-use technology

Accessed from 1degree.org or via text message.

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Who We Serve

People seeking help

Low-income communities

  • 76% identify as people of color
  • 77% identify as female
  • 64% have children in household
  • 32% unhoused in the past
  • 26% are currently homeless

Data based on 2021 community member survey data


Serving low-income clients

  • 11,659 frontline professionals working in nonprofit, healthcare, and government agencies
  • Range of orgs represented—from neighborhood food pantries to county-wide social service agencies
  • 37,093 resources referred

Data as of November 2022


CBOs, governments & agencies

  • Mid-size to large nonprofit organizations 
  • Nonprofit coalitions
  • County agencies and coordinating bodies
  • Healthcare agencies

Regional Strategy

Focusing on a few regions enables us to build deep relationships, infrastructure, and roots within communities.

  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Los Angeles County
  • New York City
  • Summit County, CO
  • Southwest New Mexico
  • Detroit, MI

Want to Work With Us?

One Degree offers plans and services ranging from free personal and provider accounts to enterprise solutions for government agencies.

If you or your organization would benefit from One Degree’s community resource platform, closed-loop referral systems, or bespoke solutions designed to meet the clients’ needs, read more about our Plans and Services and schedule a demo today.

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