Latest News Alluma Rebrands to One Degree
December 7, 2022
Alluma Rebrands to One Degree

Today Alluma announced that it is rebranding to One Degree to allow the organization to more effectively connect people to the critical resources they need. One Degree expands access to social services and benefits through its community resource platform (, and focuses on developing customized referral systems and tools for partners and clients. With over half a million users in 2022 and a growing number of service providers using the One Degree platform, this rebranding refocuses the organization on a path toward making a greater impact on communities in need.

The Board has officially named Rey Faustino the Chief Executive Officer of One Degree. Rey has been serving as interim CEO of Alluma this year to manage the organization’s transition and implement a new strategic path forward for the organization.

The Chairman of the Board, James Yocum stated, “Rey has been a visionary within our industry and a leader within this organization for years, and One Degree will benefit greatly from his continued expertise. Rey took on the role of Interim CEO during a highly challenging time of significant internal and external transitions. He displayed incredible leadership, and through collaboration with staff, supporters and friends, he has helped the organization navigate these shifts with grace, skill and perseverance.”

One Degree’s products and programs will continue to address the growing need to reach marginalized and vulnerable people through new and innovative software. The organization’s mission remains the same, to bring life-changing social services to millions of low-income people seeking help everyday, providing access to everything from housing to healthcare and beyond. One Degree is building on its decades-long track record of change led by people who have both used and worked in social services.

Rey Faustino, the newly appointed CEO of One Degree said, “Our amazing and diverse team, dedicated to a mission that’s critical to so many people’s lives, continues to work hard at increasing access to social services for millions of people seeking help every day. Although the One Degree platform has helped well over 3.3 million people, we remain thoroughly committed to reshaping the social services landscape to be more equitable and dignified for everyone. We remain deeply invested in our mission. And we remain deeply committed to the people, partners, and communities we serve.”

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