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A large banner on a chain-link fence has images of children and adults looking at a computers and smiling. The headline reads, "One-e-App, Apply online for Free or Low-Cost Services." The subheading reads, " Health insurance programs; Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, Kaiser Permanente Child Health Plan & Health Kids. Below that it reads: Other programs: Food Stamps, CalWORKS, WIC, and other programs. On the left side of the banner, it says "For more information and apply..." and provides an address for an elementary school in Los Angeles." This is an old banner advertising the recently shut down app One-e-App
April 8, 2024
One-e-App Mission Accomplished

Crossing the finish line in the world of nonprofits is a rare and gratifying experience. In 2020, when One Degree merged with Alluma, we inherited a gem – One-e-App. This legendary platform didn’t just start the conversation around benefits access technology; it revolutionized it.

Farewell to One-e-App

Last year, we announced the start of a year-long process to sunset One-e-App (OeA), our pioneering benefits eligibility and enrollment platform that has served the community for two decades. Today marks the culmination of that journey, as we bid a bittersweet farewell to OeA. This milestone is not just about closing a chapter; it’s a celebration of the transformative impact OeA has had, not only fulfilling its mission but also catalyzing innovation for benefits access and raising the bar for digital healthcare access across the country. Standing here today, it feels almost surreal to be part of the team wrapping up this significant chapter. How many leaders in the nonprofit sector can truly stand up and say with pride, “Mission accomplished”? 

Thanks to colleagues past and present who worked to shift policies at the state and federal level, the OeA baton is being passed to where it belongs: government. This is what systems change looks like. This transition ensures that the innovation we pioneered with OeA for accessing essential safety net programs and public benefits are not only sustained but also expanded through new government-led healthcare initiatives.

Special thanks to our current and past staff who have tirelessly built, managed, and evolved OeA across two decades of dedicated service. Let’s take a moment to celebrate this incredible journey and gear up for the exciting new chapters ahead for One Degree.

Learn more about OeA’s impact and legacy in our May 2023 feature: “Tech for the People: How One-e-App Pioneered Digital Healthcare Access.”

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