Latest News Bridging Gaps, Building Futures: A Year of Impact and Innovation
A view of the Bay Bridge from the East Bay side with the San Francisco skyline in the distance, on a bright blue cloud-free day. This image symbolizes how innovations in care coordination can connect communities and address SDoH in California and beyond.
January 30, 2024
Bridging Gaps, Building Futures: A Year of Impact and Innovation

Can you believe it’s already the end of January? At One Degree, we always spend time at the beginning of the year to both reflect and set our sights on the future.  And at our team retreat last week, we took some time to celebrate One Degree’s achievements from 2023, like transforming rural resource accessibility in New Mexico to launching groundbreaking initiatives such as Stay Housed Bay Area

We also discussed exciting plans for 2024, as we gear up for a new chapter: continuing our work to build open community care networks, doubling our efforts to build public digital infrastructure, and exploring how cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence can be safely used to improve the effectiveness of the social safety net.

Check out our 2023 Year in Review below, and let us know what you think about where we should go in 2024! 

  1. Unlocking $80 Million in Social Services & Benefits
    Celebrating a groundbreaking $80 million worth of services to our communities, we set a new standard in community support and impact.

  2. 9,000 Conversations for Community Support
    Engaging in 9,000+ conversations with community members, we provided unparalleled support to connect low-income communities with life-changing resources.

  3. Strengthening Closed-Loop Referral Networks in LA
    We expanded our partnership with ACES-LA to enhance closed-loop referrals across LA County, making strides towards integrated and efficient social care delivery.

  4. Transforming Lives in Rural Southwest New Mexico
    Surpassing a milestone of serving over 21,000 people with One Degree Southwest New Mexico, we redoubled our commitment to New Mexico’s rural communities.

  5. 8 Million Served by COVID-19 Testing Site Portal
    Our LA County COVID-19 testing site portal, having served a remarkable 8 million people, concluded its mission with the end of the public health emergency.

  6. Innovative Homelessness Prevention in California
    With the launch of Stay Housed Bay Area and a comprehensive resource platform in Los Angeles, we’ve taken bold steps towards reducing homelessness across California.

  7. A Digital Leap in Pediatric Screening 
    Our digital PEARLS (Pediatric ACEs and Related Life-events) screener launched for Northeast Valley Health Corporation, empowering early intervention for Adverse Childhood Experiences.

  8. Streamlining Access with Resource Availability
    A game-changer in resource management, our ‘Temporarily Unavailable’ feature was launched to make accessing resources more transparent and less burdensome.

  9. Securing Futures with Document Locker
    Our Document Locker feature marked a groundbreaking pilot year, providing community members with a secure, user-friendly way to store and share essential documents.

Want to learn more about our 2023 projects and initiatives? Check out our recent Annual Report: Community Empowerment in Action.